Le Kef: Al-Qasbah -- Kasba

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 This monumental fortified complex is the successor of all the fortification work undertaken since the city's foundation. At present it is composed of two quite separate fortresses. The little fort, built in 1601, lies on the western side of the rock, its square layout consists of towers at the four corners, with in the centre courtyard on which several barrack-rooms open. The postern is all the northern side. The large fort, lying somewhat to the East, was built and extended in several stages in the mid XVIIlh century, in 1736 and 1807. It includes a vast courtyard surrounded by large barrack rooms, mosque, srayah and rooms on the Eastern side, tower on the North Western side and another coupled with a srayah all the South Eastern side. Between the two forts, one notices the cisterns at the entrance and all the left, and to the right the prisons. The main entrance of the large fort used to have draw-bridgeFrom the top of al-Kasbah one can admire a fine view over the city, its close and more distant surroundings, right to the western boarder on the distant horizon.

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